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Abbeyfield Gt. Missenden
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Abbeyfield Great Missenden

AbbeyfieldOur House was purpose built 35 years ago and housed only ten residents. Since then it has been enlarged to house sixteen residents and been modified and upgraded.  Originally, the average age of residents was in their early eighties, but over time the average age has increased to 92. As a result many other facilities in the house have had to be  further upgraded to provide the security and care that residents of this age now require. Further significant improvements are planned over the next five years.

Our society is an independent charity managed by a board of Trustees. The management of the House is the responsibility of the House Manager, Julie Ryder. When there is no manager on duty, the House is linked to a highly efficient emergency call system serving all the rooms in the House.

We still believe passionately that the high standards of accommodation, quality of life and the rights of the individual should never be compromised.

Our shared beliefs are:

  • Older people have an important role to play amongst their friends and in their community.
  • Overcoming loneliness and insecurity can make all the difference to an older person’s well being and quality of life.
  • Local people have an essential part in helping older people in theCommunity.

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